Episode 76. Are LinkedIn now listening to us?

LinkedIn take an unexpected U-turn on the connections download fiasco and they say they can send us less about beginning to listen to this link informed episode number 76 hello this is Mark Williams you're very welcome to this new episode of the LinkedIn podcasts as the same islands mornings and the host of the show aka Mr LinkedIn and is like to welcome any new listeners as well as you establish listeners who have been with us for all 76 episodes in fact if you have listened to all 76 episodes please get in touch and be really nice to hear from those of you that have been with me right from day one okay let me adequately explained for those of you the new what this is all about this is our podcast dedicated to LinkedIn and what we do every week is we talk about news and changes to LinkedIn and tips on some questions as well in all kinds of things that I think might be of interest to you I welcome you to get in touch you can either leave a voicemail or send me an email to Mark@LinkedInformed.com and you leave a voicemail is you go to LinkedIn form.com and you'll see on the right hand side of the page that will link there like a little orange links of orange yellow colour anyway we can leave a 32nd voicemail be great to hear from you and I can use on the show so how it all works very quickly explain what we can be covering today we only have three sections to the show we start off with news than we do on a broadly core commentary which could be a variety different things I might talk about and each have a question as well as we can do it slightly giveaway rounds in that I do question second news first question second and commentary third simply because the question this week at really made me think about particular issue that I really wanted to talk about so I thought I would cover that Africa time have got another question as well not sure for a time to questions will see how we go let's keep the show to as near to 30 minutes as possible alright so without further ado let's get stuck into the news okay so headline number one was the news that LinkedIn did a U-turn on one or two about last week which was the connections download that they decided to remove and is due to pressure from members complaining about its LinkedIn members complain about it they change their mind within a matter of days which is pretty unheard of by LinkedIn have to say though normally do that and I'm a bit of a cynic with these things to be honest because that there's many a time they change of featuring people kick off Britney watchers much as they did with this particular feature but I just wonder whether there was a lot of bad press over their size saw a number rather than no major publications people like forbes for instance who were say publications your websites but they were kicking off about and wrote some really negative articles that were sort of really damning LinkedIn about our shared one in the show last week and I know I just wonder whether that is the issue here in that they really didn't feel they could deal with any bad press they knew the had their Q2 results coming up and so that combines with a sort of like bad press probably wasn't good and be beneficial to them that they are honestly as there are publicly owned company they guess they have to think about when they make changes and whether it's relevant to perhaps some figures coming out that weren't perhaps as good as they might want them to be but more of that later of some reason it did seem to city get to a point with these things where people are sick of things happening like best removing features and then there's just the straw that breaks the camel's back maybe it was that I does why people reacted so badly to it that some and you know at the fact that it was the press that picked up on it and that maybe is what made LinkedIn change their mind of course the press only pick up on it because they know individuals complained about so much so and who knows I don't know but Sir it was certainly an unusual thing for them to do and then combined with that they then tell us that they can reduce the number of emails that they send us as well MS may not affect some of you because you have been's control with Rooney settings for some time and I certainly don't get as many emails from LinkedIn by because of adjustable settings but that the average user this is also a good move for the basically saying is that every 10 emails are used to send every move all of them and it's things like invitations to connects they summarise that on a weekly email now and also if you are a number of LinkedIn groups, aggregate those together and send you those in one single email as well good move by LinkedIn because there was certainly a number of times I've seen people complain about that particular issue so you again is another positive sign that they are listening to their users and trying to improve the site so thumbs up for all that I forgot to say in the intro by the way is that I'll be discussing various articles in this episode as I always do and I always put a link to those articles or videos or whatever it might be in the show notes@linkedinformant.com so strongly advise you may be listening to this you know you may be in a car you may be going for a run many walking the dog us anyhow I listen to podcasts those three ways of majority time I listen to podcasts and outputting not in a position to make a note of something we need to having am talking about will be there in the show notes and all the relevant links so just go to the website after you've listened to the show why you are listening to it if you prefer it that way reluctantly do just listen from the website rather than via iTunes anyway that all information is there if you need it okay so let's now talk about the queue to results we have this policy four times a year when we like to talk about their results the analysts were predicting as they always do a certain number and LinkedIn typically do beat it and that was the case this time they were predicting if I remember rightly go back a bit now I think there were predicted about 690 685 to 690 that's million dollars in one quarter and LinkedIn came out with $712 million for the quarter for the second quarter but the share price absolutely bombed but for whatever reason they will decide they will sell and get out a LinkedIn an appointment that they announce their results could the share price dipped straight afterwards wallet they announce the results end of play I want their next morning the shares dropped quite significant is that these results oil or bit more detail though because the headline figure of 712 and while that was 33% increase compared with the same quarter last year which is not fantastic their percentage increases been dropping all the time for the last couple years which cars where you would expect but it is getting now to very low figures Akerman the day is not our logo into the 70s and 80% that icy saying on a constant currency basis that's an increase of 38% so really without takes out a consideration currency differentiation closely there are worldwide business when you see then look at the breakdown between the three different product groups if you like and I have three they have talent solutions marketing solutions premium subscriptions I'll tackle each one individually talent solutions is primarily the product that was known as LinkedIn recruiter now I does include recruitment advertising as well so there is a better back in there but largely they're talking about corporate products not your typical upgrade but corporate products that they sell to organisations as their number one revenue generator has been for many years and it's probably a bit of a challenge them to try and reduce the amount they did reduce the dependence on oil email of the dependence on if you like as a product as "hundred and 43 million which was an increase of 38% so that very much reflects the same as the whole company and also equates to 62% of their total revenue as it always privileges but it's not as impressive as it might seem damning the tips and increase sounds okay that serve the worrying thing I think this might be the reason why the share price dipped was that it says here it says inclusive of learning and development which had me scratching my head also all about soap talent solutions which is recruiting products now includes Linda presumably which is what they call learning and development will be the Linda product I guess so why would you put Linda in with talent solutions I could see the applicability of that at all so what they say is what they're saying that with added their revenue into that and if that's the case then a 38% increases in hot good at all that might be the reason why the shares took a bit of a kicking second revenue stream is marketing solutions that therefore is advertising that you'll see on LinkedIn and the revenue there was 140 million in the quarter which is an increase of 32% compared to the same quarter last year the third revenue stream is premium subscriptions and the revenue there was 128 million since the smallest of the three and that's an increase of 22% so really dropping behind interesting is that because they have taken some measures to encourage people to upgrade their account the years I had a basic account that I upgraded to a very very low level accounts cost me 8 pounds on for some time and then name when they brought in the commercial use limit restrictions earlier this year and a of the various other reasons I finally decided that I would upgrade my account but clearly I'm not in the majority that because it would seem that people are not convinced by this and this is something I've discussed a lot in the past they could you might view I think they would do much better out of premium subscriptions they reduced the price I think that the big entry barrier is that it's just too expensive for what you get I just don't think there's enough value therefore people and it's a high amount to most Internet products are relatively cheap there are a subject for their guess but I just about the prompt and also by the way premium subscriptions don't forget include sales navigator is no suggestion here that the taken cells navigator out of that doesn't fit there at all sales navigator is more should be a product stream as Oreo and income stream on its own in my view that's another corporate product like talent solutions and should be separate I do millions than why they put in the previous descriptions presume because it still fairly small but what I've heard Mrs unofficially is that our the 18% that Sir is premium subscriptions only 12% of that so 12% of the total is certain is actually premium subscriptions the type of stuff that we pay for where is the other 8% there is sales navigator so it's not that title okay so and now that is the results now the results are in Steve Saul Bellow who is the chief financial officer of LinkedIn is the Gala announces the results but there was do this webcast conference call with Jeff Weiner as well I didn't listen to it this time but some issues reacted quite interesting to listen to Jeff Weiner is the CEO of LinkedIn and that is not the founder of LinkedIn that's a guy called Reid Hoffman that you may well have heard of Reid Hoffman before he's the guy that founded LinkedIn is co-founder because they are there always caught cofounders Benny was really the brains behind the year business in the first place and came from PayPal previous to that this am telling you all this is that was a very interesting interview with Reid Hoffman that I saw this week and is sen video of it that I will put a link to the video in the show notes and you can make up your own mind in terms of what you make of it that I thought it was quite an interesting reaction to what happened is easing this current panel interview there were discussing we hop is not back involved in LinkedIn these data abilities of Silicon Valley investor and venture capitalists but Yossi still holds this colour thing of me still spend some time at LinkedIn and Eastern executive chairman I think but obviously you know it gets questions about LinkedIn when these are events that got nothing to do with LinkedIn that's what happened here I think in this chi in the audience who is a founder of the business himself and he stood up when there are the so last give them any questions and he basically said what we watch the video of you on the detail of this could take too long we to read the whole thing out but basically he says does the decision continue to be at LinkedIn to have one of the least responsive most confusing interfaces on the Internet at which point Hoffman takes a sharp breath as gardening carries on no one completely serious nobody would disagree with that it is Alan Hoffman says well I would disagree with that and I'm somebody other than nobody but yes that's okay keep going quiet and aggressive get a reaction to that and then this guy goes on to say to travel sites and saying they they've made their site simple soil are more companies and the need to the strategic purposes and Hoffman goes at the simple answer is no that's not what we're doing and the were working on it I'll take the next question very defensive very defensive Elsie if there Jeff Weiner was in that position that Ceti witness about quite sure is a lot more composed and get you" was nobody is your baby he created LinkedIn salt being critical but it is actually quite reflective of the culture I find that's read Hoffman culture of LinkedIn I think is gradually dispelling as the only spends less time in the business unless his people in the business but it was an observation minute ago that this this car secrecy and this defensiveness on this this attitude toward outsiders be very suspicious of people that was always my experience of them in the past and I think that that's just a little snippet of you watch the video put a link to in the show notes and you'll see what I mean and is not the reaction you'd really expect from someone in his position but it was a little bit can affect defensive and quite coming back at this Goswick the question is does the point it is overly complicated and another point I also think we problem is a point as well which is that we are working on it
he he did sort of softened up a bit when the moderator of the discussion was colour guided him to do so so rather than just leave it at that he did that she threw a little bit more recently we would on it but it is with with a lot of computing functionality I agree with that Lindsay is compensated in my view on this is that has to be to business tool and so therefore it you need at a fair degree of functionality to it who knows, be a bit complicated because there's a lot of things that you need to do with it is not Pillai comparisons the Facebook is that agree with that if Facebook is a toy in a noticeable users marketing tools offer it formalised most people actually use Facebook use it for fun you note you go onto a year you know you may begin to a little discussion with a friendly post some silly videos you watch subsidy videos your blog which is the better nobody really cares so it is a matter of slippers work right is bit irritating but who cares and doesn't matter if you don't understand how to use it properly because we do much on anyways plain around the as my view on Facebook LinkedIn is a serious business tool so you you don't want try make it easy for the user that the same time the difficulties attract balance that with complexity is following is an easy thing… The co-defendant LinkedIn I think Reid Hoffman's reaction here wasn't great and I'm not going to defend that but I I would defend linked in the centre they are battling with a different issue that I think most of the people have to battle with city in the social media space in that this is a serious business tool if you want people to use in a serious way you Wanna make it easy for them but you want to allow them to do plenty of things as well and I think that the developers at LinkedIn are battling with that could they do it better definitely have they got the best talent in silicon valley I'm not sure they have either I think that there's probably they could do something in terms of either recruiting better people law training and better or whatever there are lots glitches as you know on LinkedIn and it can be very frustrating at times and so I'm not making excuses for them in that sense I think they could definitely do better and I think they do need to pull their socks bought I also think they are dealing with complexity that nobody else really has to worry about the same degree as how I feel about it so that it is interesting at just to see how he reacted to an adult watch now thinking audio Jeff Weiner wouldn't be reacting in this way with ever much more composed answer to that site is really interesting is net and then Darrell Griffin who I'm sure is listening one is doing designing as per usual in Perth in Australia the real estate update this week quoting that their question and is asking people to contribute what they thought you as interesting dialogue following up on a very interesting discussion picture couple times myself and know people are quite negative you know more Soviets party, Katie delle that the ICI thing is easy to dislike them off fingers to be a bit careful because it's not easy thing to do on quite sure predictable thing to do to make a site like this work really well and be very simple so they are trying to their apps then we complain that too basically gardening on them seen that is a little snippet of the challenge that faces them really in the cart you can't please everyone you try to make it relatively user-friendly get user experience right that the same time ago the do lots of things so am callous as was upset on the fence a bit with I can see both sides of the argument that is good update that Darrell at I enjoyed that and the colour colour thing that these are a good example of great use of LinkedIn to good productive debate around something like that anyway let's move on I want to talk about this particular questions are some of the questions second and then there will, that leads onto the commentary feel like this week the first thing to say about those questions is not actually a question sent into the show so don't say who it's from but I thought you'd find quite interesting it at your recruiter and their rescuers to come apart is the question the first is how can I see how many first-tier connections I've got and the size of my network and the answer to that part is the best way to do that these days actually just going to advance search in the box that you see in front of you you'll see right top about in the middle you can take whether you want to be first seconded the well if you take first and second tier and just search on that you will be able to see exactly how reverse you got used to put keyword into do that read-only more seriously how he first you that she got and you also see how many second-tier connections you've got and if you are group into that then you can do that as well then you can see how many people that you share a group with as well so the colour data that you looking for is there a relatively easy to get to it's not easy to use to be unnoticed behind the home page bold questions that I found really interesting this person is putting together a proposal for a company as a recruiter and the rope against them in every big recruitment companies in this pitch they want to show how their own personal network is far bigger relevant dynamic than a dinosaur database from these big organisations so it interesting actually I didn't have time to deal with this question when it was asked to me hardest December from a quick reply and I will have them send an email back but it struck me whilst looking at this this be interesting for others I think so if I was thinking about how I would present myself it to somebody in a pitch based on in my LinkedIn network I think one I might mention how many connections of gob I don't think that would really be the thing that Skinner cellmate I'm not sure that's a very convincing argument that think the number of connections you've got doesn't really say anything any more mini kind of used do in terms of visibility in terms of searching but you can pretty much find anybody on LinkedIn because he three tiers of people I advanced search now and even if you people outside of that you can in you can find them breezily so I'm not sure there are any great advances in about 10,000 20,000 connections of the VW means anything to anybody always any great advantage of it) don't understand LinkedIn then maybe the lab impressed by what you think though that it made me think about if I was pitching as a recruit a bit it could be anything really to an organisation I was saying hey look at me on LinkedIn these are the things that the show you that I'm the colour personally ought to be working with Walt for staff I would say look at the number of connections and the number of followers in the difference between the two so there's an interesting KPI if you like a performance but you not mean it's an interesting measurement so if someone has 1000 connections and is 1005 followers that means five people are following them if they've got 2000 followers and 1000 of them the connection that is 1000 people are following them to me that would give them a much greater influence of people that she chosen to follow that person I think that means a lopsided as one area that I would concentrate when talking about showing credibility through LinkedIn profile through LinkedIn account that's what one thing we concentrate on hammy profile views you getting another very good indication of how influential you could be on LinkedIn profile these are relevant measurement the more active you are the more profiles you're likely to get in addition to that how many posts you've done and is whether a if any those posts of ended up in a channel in a pulse channel that would be influential I think and also you how many views you get to your posters how many comments you get on you publish posts political status updating and engagement of status update so if you're ran a recruiter and you're doing states of these new getting lots of engagement lots of conversations again as showing how influential you are and I think if I said if I was appointing a recruiter you I could search LinkedIn myself and the ability to find people on LinkedIn they value in that really at all the value is in what influence you've got so are you able to influence people who would then be interested in my jobs if I give it to you can you have a conversation with someone that makes something Archie might be good job seen as your concert to me about because you're somebody I look up to respect I think that is key and you can show that with things like that you how much engagement there is in all these measurements or not no one in isolation is massively impactful when you add them all up I think it's important and I do believe that you knowing that she any industry that you're in that surname recruitment you need to be seen as a thought leader as an influencer and there are various ways that you can demonstrate that through your screenshots of your LinkedIn activity and profile so that the car things I would be concentrate on interested in your thoughts what you think if you are if you are recruiter what you think if you're not recruiter even more interesting how would you react if several recruit was pitching to you and said to you all I've got 20,000 connections would would that mean anything to you without the impressive by person ever get is but that's in his rights under saying as my view one of the you think to think that something will have impact or not get touch be really interesting to find out what people think about that mark at LinkedIn forms., August 20. On the voicemail would be even better alright so am that colour question and then leading on to the commentary really and that was an interesting question to ask all right there was one other question I wasn't sure fellow time to cover it that looks like a good few minutes left so I will cover this particular question gumshoe at something that many of you come across which is when you invite someone to connect on LinkedIn it asks you why or how you know them sorry and what are you supposed to pick is it colleague is it classmate visits we've done business together is it friend is it over or is it I don't know them and is this is surely if you do it on the desktop version through the profiles there are other ways to invite the weather's question is not asked in one of the questions that people often asked me about this is why is it even exists one as you think should a historical thing it's very old part LinkedIn this make somehow just haven't got rid of it there are various ways of the modules connect both mobile and on desktop that don't involve this but if you do through the profile pic big blue connect button this is what you have to do so at if you list the short answer is it because matter you have to do any it is money well what people are meant to be honest the best ones uses friends and that simply because it's quicker so Colligan classmate and with numbers together all will ask you for am a secondary question so will be there which company did you work together went to school together all we know where we working when you do business with a soaked that cert that they ought that requires a lot of effort but this secondary question is another click the other requires an email address so again even if you got email address it's not the quickest thing to do you can't use the I don't know them because rather annoyingly them on a sunny imbibe cellular friend and friendly cheesecake on friendly at everything else in the reason why does matter is the never say they never sit the only way you can see the reason given in an invite is this if you go into your inbox and you go to the archive folder on the left-hand side and then you actually click through into the invite you will see at the top the reason given is that I'm no reason we can do that but would even know the archive exists never mind going into a value they go into it without seasonally Jessica, message itself so anyway but I will accept it so who cares so it really doesn't matter below builder like Ixtapa forced a save from when the not friends he used the matter could be would did used to say but it is a change to link to not sure exactly when that change but it really doesn't matter what reason you give at all just pick friends at causes the quickest and it's the easiest that's the simple answer to that we must remember to do though of course is then customise the invites the box at the bottom of the leave that make sure you do personalise it don't sell like 20 to my professional network on LinkedIn that's very rude and but did I say lot just you know that may refer to some level of engagement you have the Burman sailors connect but always always always if you can personalise that because I know not everybody sees it but you don't know the lunacy or not such strongly advise you do that she spend all their time is writing a quick sentence in their okay so that's it for this week thank you ever so much as always for your time and attention I really do appreciate you downloading the show and listening to me every week and I hope that you really get lots of value out of it as well if you do then feel free to leave a review when I choose allow ask every week but is really really important in terms of the Shogun noticed in iTunes there are videos at the bottom of the show notes@LinkedInform.com showing exactly how you can do that or it is if make actually again next week are