Episode 112. LinkedIn's Q1 Results

Welcome to episode 112.

Investors are now speaking more positively about LinkedIn Shares following a solid performance in Q1 2016. For this episode I’m going to dig into those results and find out what the real picture is.


  • Users have grown by 19% (year/year) to 433 million members
  • 106 million unique visitors per month
  • Page views have increased by an impressive 34%
  • Jeff Weiner states that the increased activity is due to the success of the new flagship mobile app which has had a knock-on effect on desktop activity.
  • Revenue has increased by 35% from Q1 2015
  • 65% of revenue from Talent solutions, 18% from Marketing solutions and 17% from premium.
  • Despite what they said last time, Sales Navigator is still included in the Premium figures. Is this because sales performance in this area has been disappointing?
  • The focus is clearly still on selling the Recruiter product plus Sponsored updates to Enterprise sized organisations.
  • SMB focus is clearly taking a backseat for now
  • The New Generation Recruiter product has been a success with 40% more profiles being viewed from search results.
  • LinkedIn are moving their Talent solutions towards a separate platform that currently has 3 products - Recruiter, Referrals and Connectifier (the latter being a complete mystery to me!) and Jeff hinted that they may introduce 3rd party products onto this platform - this would be quite a departure from their normal attitude towards 3rd party developers.
  • China is LinkedIn's fastest growing region and the new Chinese app Chitu has made a promising start.
  • There are now 7 million jobs on LinkedIn, The focus is now shifting towards finding 'active' job seekers.


Interesting stuff I saw this week


This week’s cool thing is Sniply. This allows you to engage your followers and gain sign-ups to a list through every link you share, even when it's other peoples content.


A question this week came from a recruiter who's asking if I knew of any workarounds for LinkedIn's dreaded 'Commercial use limit on search' that don't involve searching via Google.

The main answer is that unfortunately there is no magic solution to this problem, other than upgrading your account to a Business, Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite account.

The key here is to understand that the restriction is not just the number of searches but also the number of profile views per month, this is about 800 and that is a figure that recruiters often hit before they reach 40 searches.

There are however, some tricks that can help to ease the problem.

  • One solution is to use the mobile app, searches on the mobile do not count and neither do profile views.
  • The second solution involves searching on LinkedIn but viewing the profiles via LinkedIn's login page from a separate 'private' or 'incognito' page where you are not logged into LinkedIn. The following video explains how this is done.
  • The final solution involves conducting the search via Alumni pages as these do not count against the limit and then viewing the profiles in the way shown above.

I accept that none of these solutions are perfect but you might find some of them helpful.

That’s it for this week, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions you would like me to answer on the show.

Have a great week.

Thank you so much for listening. I value your support and interest.

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