Episode 99. Your LinkedIn Posts need you!


With all this controversy about how LinkedIn reports its post views numbers and how it distributes published posts I thought I would share my thoughts on readership, distribution and engagement.

You can achieve better view numbers by;

  • Building your audience by doing the following;
  1. Write great content that your followers find interesting and useful.
  2. Build a strong and diverse network
  3. Ask people to follow you if a connection is not appropriate
  4. Get more profile views via activity including auto viewing
  • Engaging with other peoples content more, show people you are interesting.
  • Promoting your posts by sharing them via image status updates on at least 5 occasions.
  • Promoting your posts on other social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc

At the end of the day we should take responsibility for our own success with our posts and it is always most important to remember that engagement is more important than views.


1. How do you add recommendations to your profile with the new messaging system? I previously added it from the message but this seems to have changed.

ANS = Yes this has changed. You can only manage recommendations from the desktop version on LinkedIn.

> Go to your profile and scroll down to recommendations.

> Hover over the section and click on ‘manage’

> You will see the received recommendation under pending where you can accept it and show it on your profile.

2.  How do I move my main current position up to the top of my profile?

ANS = You can do this, provided both position are current (to date) by grabbing the ‘grip’ on the left hand side of the relevant position and dragging it up (see below)

Screenshot 2016-01-28 18.57.15.png

You may also need to manually amend your headline in this circumstance because it will have changed automatically when you added the new position.

I will be covering more questions in my YouTube channel soon.

Thank you so much for listening, I really value your support and interest.

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