LinkedInformed Episode 3

I'm really excited about 2014 and look forward to producing many more episodes, in this first one of the new year I cover the following topics (black font indicates a link) ;

  • LinkedIn sues spammers
  • Activity feed is disabled (LinkedIn's official announcement)
  • Could group messaging be the next to go?
  • LinkedIn Tip - How to prevent your competitors from appearing on your profile
  • TextExpander from Smile software (Mac only). Update: Listener Mike Prenton has suggested Phrase Express as a suitable alternative for non Mac users - thanks Mike.
  • Clearing your browsers cache & cookies. Instructions on all the 4 main browsers for windows and Mac can be found here.
  • Preview of next episode. What is your connection strategy? Let us know your thoughts and experiences before the next episode when this subject will be discussed in depth.

Please send in your questions or feedback to

P.S. Apologies for the slight echo in this recording, I didn't record this in a massive hall (honestly)!

I will look into the recording settings and fix this for the next episode.

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