LinkedIn Invitations to Connect  

Should you still be personalising the message?

I have always been a strong advocate of writing a personal message to anyone you invite to connect on LinkedIn. It just seems like good business practice to show that you are interested enough in your new online contact to take a small amount of time to either;

  • Explain why you wish to connect
  • Remind them of your previous contact/acquaintance
  • Say a friendly hello to someone you already know well.

I know a lot of people who feel the same way and many are unlikely to accept an invitation that isn’t personalised.

LinkedIn however, have never made this easy. The mobile apps don’t even give you the option and the desktop version makes you select from a limited list of ‘how you know them’ options - on most occasions none of the options really fit. 

No wonder people just give up and send the default “I’d like to add to you to my professional network on LinkedIn” or the utterly dreadful “Since you are a person I trust…” message

If all this wasn’t bad enough LinkedIn have now made a small but significant change to notifications that arguably make personalised invitations a waste of time.

In the video below I show how LinkedIn have changed the invitation notifications, removing the personalised  message and not allowing a reply (to enquire who they are) or the option to send a message once the invitation has been accepted.

A personalised message can still be seen but only if you go to your inbox and then click on invitations - thats 2 clicks rather than the previously simple and quick ‘hover’ over the notification.


This really does raise the question:

What is the point in personalising a LinkedIn invitation anymore? (tweet this)

The really odd thing is that they have just released a new version of their iOS app that claims you can now personalise invitations (although it doesn’t actually work yet!).

Yet again LinkedIn seem to be demonstrating a very disjointed strategy between their desktop and mobile platforms - I really don’t get it, maybe I’m missing something - perhaps there is some amazing master plan that I just can’t see.

Despite this change, I’m still going to personalise my invitations, it might be true that the majority of recipients won’t see it but it only takes one important connection to be informed that “since they are a person I trust……”

I shudder at the thought!