New Updated LinkedIn Profile Tutorial


This is an update to my previous post 'How Important is your LinkedIn Profile?'

LinkedIn recently announced that they had reached over 200 million members, this coupled with the fact they have bypassed the 11 million mark in the UK reinforces the view that LinkedIn is now a pretty mainstream business tool in the UK.

It is for this reason that I believe your LinkedIn profile is more important than ever.

If you wish to grow an effective network, win more business or be spotted for that next exciting job opportunity then you need to ensure that your online presence is impressive and that you are creating the right first impression.

When someone looks for you online (directly on LinkedIn or even via Google), what do they make of you?

  • Can they see what you look like? (They won't remember you if they can't)
  • Is it clear from your headline exactly what you do and what you offer them?
  • Is it easy to make contact with you?
  • Can they see your full profile?
  • Do they know anyone that knows you?
  • Can they see impressive testimonials from people that are just like them?
  • Will they find you via keyword searching?

These questions and many more are answered in this online tutorial. Over two hours of screen video capture explaining every single section of your profile in great detail.

This tutorial has been updated to incorporate the new changes made by LinkedIn to profiles at the end of 2012.

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