LinkedInterview #2

. Introduction Dominic Hastings, Business Development Manager. NES Global Talent (IT division), we are a global supplier to some of the largest organizations in the world with high-quality technical and engineering experts and I head up a small team specialising in IT appointments.

When was your LinkedIn date of birth? November 3rd 2005

Finish this sentence "to me LinkedIn is......…." My first source of business intelligence. LinkedIn allows me to get the names of potential clients and map out organisational structures primarily for business development purposes, I can also see who they know and ask for introductions. I also use it to find candidates for specialist 'hard to fill' roles, this would only be if I couldn't find them via our own database and job boards.

When do you login to LinkedIn and how often? Every day first thing in the morning and I only log off when I leave the office. I regularly glance at my home page for information that could be useful  such as someone moving jobs/company or someone updating their status to say they are looking for a job.I will also often read industry news shared by my connections although I rarely 'like' or share it.

How many connections do you have and why do you connect with someone? 470. I connect only with people I have spoken to, for instance I may approach a candidate about a role but they state that they are happy in their current job so I suggest a connection as a way of keeping in touch. Another example would be a client I am dealing with for the first time. A connection would always need to be relevant to my market and someone I have spoken to.

What features of LinkedIn do you use most? Advanced search, this way I can be very targeted and find contacts who are in relevant roles at the right type of companies. I search using the job title field, location (not always) and keywords. I use the filters to narrow the result to exactly what I am looking for. Searching is generally quick and effective.

What is your favorite feature? Advanced search and my home page update feed are both important as previously mentioned but I also like the 'people you may know' section which often throws up some interesting names, I don't just rely on the 3 names on my homepage but actually click on 'see more' and frequently go through several pages of names (this has recently been updated and looks much better). I have also found browsing LinkedIn Alumni interesting on occasions.

What success (if any) have you had from using LinkedIn? I can think of 15-20 candidates I have placed having sourced them directly from LinkedIn and I have also initiated contact with many clients who I have subsequently gone on to do business with so quite a lot really!

What new features would you like to see? I wish you could be selective about who you allow to see your connections. I currently have mine closed because there are contacts who I would rather not show my connections to but there are also plenty of contacts who I would be happy to allow this access and it would be great if I could open it up to those people. Obviously as a recruiter it would be much better if I could get access to peoples contact details without having to be connected to them. It would also be useful to e able to send a status updates to some connections and not others, a similar concept to Google+ circles would be really useful.

Will LinkedIn still be important in business in 2020? I think it will still be around but I suspect most of us will have to pay for it. I currently have an upgraded account for the ability to send Inmails, my guess is that more features will have to be paid for and as LinkedIn continues to prove its worth, more people will be prepared to pay for it.

Dom is clearly an experienced user but unlike many recruiters, he is quite selective about who he connects with and this seems to be working for him based on how much success he has had using LinkedIn. I loved his suggestion of Google+ type circles for selective status updating. LinkedIn have recently introduced a similar feature for company updates so hopefully they will do the same for personal profiles.

A big thanks to Dom for giving up his lunch hour recently to meet me in the pub to do this interview. I hope this has been of interest, if you feel you have an interesting story and wish to be interviewed please drop me a line at