Five LinkedIn Tasks you should do today

If you are relatively new to LinkedIn then here are 5 things you must do today! 1) Ensure your profile has a picture. Just a simple colour or black and white headshot so that others can easily recognise you.

2) Make sure your profile is keyword rich (words that someone might use when searching for you online). Especially in these 3 sections - professional headline, job title and company name.

3) Ask for a recommendation from 3 suitable connections - A customer (internal or external), ex boss or associate. See previous blog for guidance.

4) Go through your 1st tier connections list of connections and find at least 10 new people to invite to connect.

5) Go through the profiles of your connections and see which groups they are members of and aim to join a minimum of 10 relevant groups. Set your email alerts to daily for all 10 (see screenshot below) after a week make an assessment as to which 3 are most appropriate & active and then turn off the alerts for the other 7 (don't leave the group). Make an effort to contribute to discussions at least once a week in the 3 you have selected.


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