TruLondon 2010 - A unique and stimulating experience

Having spent 2 full days at TruLondon last week I thought I would take a moment to reflect on my thoughts and observations. Firstly for those of you that are wondering what TruLondon was – let me explain;

TruLondon was an unconference – a conference with a pretty loose agenda and very little formality – the idea is that this stimulates open debate (and it really does!). Conference ‘Tracks’ are led by experts and specialists in that field but the floor is always open for others to add their views and opinions.

The subject matter for this unconference was broadly recruitment and the use of social media – there were tracks on Employer branding, the use of video in recruitment, sourcing, job boards, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and much much more.

I really didn’t know what to expect from this event having not experienced an unconference before and the organiser Bill Boorman was somewhat vague about the details (I later realised that this was intentional!)

The really exciting thing was that many of the track leaders and attendees were genuine experts and thought leaders in the world of social recruiting and many were from overseas. Here was an environment where creativity, innovation and intelligent debate were prominent and I knew within minutes that I was going to learn many things – and I did!

I will expand on these points in further blogs but for now I will just summarise with the following headings;

  • Sourcing – no thanks, I’m a Recruitment Consultant!
  • Building Communities – a genuine networking practice or a lure into the witches den?!
  • Social training for Recruitment Consultants – why Redmos are really onto something.
  • Blogging – why every recruiter worth their salt should be doing it.
  • Facebook – is this a place for business/recruiting?
  • Video – Great for personal branding but is a video CV the modern day equivalent of a picture on a CV? – yuck!

That final point reminds me of one small thing that was starting to get on my nerves at TruLondon –

It’s not a resume, it’s a CV!

It was a great privilege to have so many guests there from the US and Canada and I find it very stimulating to hear their take on things – stimulating but not always convincing! I must admit that at times it felt like a 'lesson from America'. I accept that what happens over there often makes it way to these shores but that doesn’t make it right – too many people look to North America for a vision of the future and this often makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. Personally I don’t care where innovation comes from, if it looks different and possibly a bit scary then instinct tells me to look more closely!

My lasting impression of TruLondon was one of meeting a really interesting and incredibly friendly bunch of passionate people who make a habit of pushing boundaries. Well done to Bill, Geoff, Maha and Fran for putting on such a great event. I can’t wait for the next one!